The artist provides workshops in tapestry weaving and spinning. These are available at the studio and through schools and community centres. Workshops can be one off introductions to hand spinning and weaving or a series of  workshops that include the history of weaving, design techniques, spinning sheep’s wool, setting up a loom and weaving and finishing a piece approximately 3inches by 7 inches.

Workshops are provided on demand.  There are also a number of set workshops that are listed below.  Please feel free to make contact at

COST  -  3 hour workshop with lunch :

120e for individuals

75e  each for 2-4 persons

50e  each for 6 + persons





SPRING 2018                                                                 AUTUMN 2018  

Feb 24th                                 Feb 10th                                August 18th                                  August 11th

March 24th                            March 10th                           September 22nd                          September 8th

April 28th                               April 14th                              October  27th                               October 13th


SUMMER 2018                                                              WINTER 2018

May 26th                                May 12th                              November 24th                           November 10th

June 23rd                               June 9th                                December  15th                           December 8th

July 28th                                 July 14th


Workshops run from 10am through to 2pm with lunch. Lunch may extend this time so give yourself an extra hour just in case,   To book a place contact Aine at info@ainedunneweaver,com or through Facebook see Aine Dunne Weaver


Hand Spinning

 Learn how to make your own yarn from sheep’s wool and local alpaca wool.

Topics covered include:

  • Finger spinning
  • Spinning on a drop spindle
  • Spinning on a wheel
  • History of spinning in Ireland
  • Use of hand spun wool
  • Resources


Tapestry Weaving

Weaving on a tapestry frame at the summer workshops

Beginners and advanced welcome. Workshop covers:

  • Historical background
  • Loom types
  • Design
  • Preparing warp threads
  • Weaving
  • Finishing
  • Resources




School Workshops

A series of workshops that enable children to trace the path from fibre to fabric is available to schools and community groups. Áine provides looms, drop spindles, sheep’s wool, yarns and hand outs giving participants a unique, exciting, hands on experience spinning their own yarn and designing and weaving a piece of fabric.