"Over 25 years experience crafting bespoke fine art tapestries"

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About Áine

A native of the Boyne Valley Ireland, Aine designs and handweaves tapestry wallhangings for public and private clients.


The best way to begin is to meet up and discuss your ideas with Aine. It can help a lot if you have any inspiration or ideas in written or image form.


Telephone: 087 911 2502

E-mail: info@ainedunneweaver.com

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Tjuringa Stone

Hand woven cotton, linen and silk weft on a cotton warp Approximately 4ft x...

Loom Weaving

These blankets were commissioned as a wedding gift. The inspiration was drawn from photos...

Sean Mháthair

Tapestry wallhanging on display in the Augustinian Church, Shop Street, Drogheda. This...

Celtic Knotwork

Handwoven Tapestry on cotton warp with woolen weft. Approximate Size 24 inches x 30...

Changing Woman

Handwoven tapestry with woolen warp on a cotton weft. Size Approx 5ft x 3ft. Changing...

Words at the Well

Woven with 100% local wool handspun by the artist on a linen warp. Size:  30inches x...


This tapestry is woven from cotton and wool on a cotton warp. The bowl, beads and moon...

Dancing on Fire

Private commission. Handwoven cotton, wool, silk and acrylic on cotton warp. Approximate...